Foreign Principals

We offer 90 days guarantee for each person recruited and to replace any workers found to be incompetent. As we understand that your esteemed company recruits manpower for various Projects, please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you may require manpower from Sri Lanka or any other country your company may prefer. Rogers International keep abreast with the ultra modern facilities and adapt to the ever evolving needs in the trade. In our quest to find the right person, we take all endeavor to match the position to be filled with right candidate of such caliber and experience. Our ultimate objective is to add strategic value to the business of foreign principals.

The efforts of our experienced staff together with a wide support network developed over the years ensure that only the best and most capable candidates will be selected. With our outstanding performance, we are the exclusive recruitment agency referral by both clients and candidates. We have employed motivated and service oriented professionals with talents and capabilities.

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